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    Development sessions

    These training sessions run concurrent with the resolution debates – make sure you check the agenda. Electoral Finance Reform and Donor Stewardship are offered twice, to make sure everyone has a chance to get to one. See below for descriptions.

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      Development session descriptions

      Electoral Finance Reform
      Amber Hockin and Rachel Roy

      Since 2006, BC NDP electeds have been working to ban big money from British Columbia’s political system Now that momentous change is just days away.

      Banning union and corporate donations — and setting a cap on individual donations — is a huge change for British Columbia and the way all political parties raise money,

      In this comprehensive workshop, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the new regulations — and get answers to all your pressing fundraising questions.

      NOTE: This workshop is a must attend for all Constituency Presidents and Treasurers.

      Donor Stewardship
      Nikki Hill and Matt Chambers

      At its core, fundraising is about gratitude and appreciation. When an organization (or in our case, a political party) demonstrates genuine, personal appreciation, donors respond — and respond again and again.

      By developing a ‘thank you’ menu, you can provide more opportunities for volunteers (especially those who don’t like asking for money) to participate in fundraising in a way that’s significant to both them and the Party.

      In this informative workshop, fundraising experts Nikki Hill and Matt Chambers will help you start thinking about the ways you can develop a culture of gratitude for donors within your Constituency and the Party as a whole.

      Let's Get Digital
      Heather Stoutenburg and Heather Libby feat. Brenton Walters

      Social media might not make, but it can certainly break a political campaign.

      In this fun, engaging workshop you’ll learn how to communicate effectively on social media platforms, use targeting and demographic insights to reach your audiences where they are, and develop a social media strategy that ts within the BC NDP’s overall communications goals.

      We’ll also chat about email strategies and dis- cuss ways to make your content shareable and engaging—without resorting to clickbait.

      Expect #hashtags and at least one cat video.

      Winning Rural Campaigns
      Megan Olson and Anne Donaldson

      A winning strategy for any political party in British Columbia must include reaching people in rural ridings.

      In this focused and practical workshop, learn techniques and tactics for building social capital far in advance of campaign season, and creating long-term relationships with locally-relevant messages that bridge big distances and small populations.